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Opening Alert: Dic Ann's Downtown Makes Way for Halal Portuguese Chicken

With a South African twist.

Flame on
Flame on

A new take on Portuguese chicken fired up this week in a former Dic Ann's franchise in Downtown Montreal. Grillado's bills itself as a casual, halal restaurant with "the very best Portuguese chicken with a South African twist." That twist comes from the restaurant's "variety of world famous Peri Peri sauces. Located in the heart of Montreal, it has quickly become known for its fun and engaging atmosphere, as well as its multitude of flavours that keep customers happy and coming back for more." Quite the boasts from a restaurant that just opened but, nonetheless, consider us intrigued.

The Grillado's menu features starters like garlic bread, hummus, and wings. Also of note: grilled chicken livers, kebabs, pita sandwiches, side salads, potato wedges, and poutine. Clearly, however, the restaurant's fortunes rest its ability to sell an absurd amount of marinated, flame-grilled, piri piri chicken.

Status: Grillado's, 2079 Sainte-Catherine Ouest, (514) 933-9399, now open daily from 11 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. h/t Chowhound.