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Behold Martin Juneau's Menu at Little Italy Wine Shop Cul-Sec

To dine in or take out.

Inside Cul-Sec
Inside Cul-Sec
Louis-Philippe Breton

The busy Little Italy duo behind Pastaga, Monsieur Crémeux, and grocer Le Petit Coin, inaugurated Cul-Sec, a buvette and wine shop hybrid, last week. For a notion of what to expect, food-wise, from chef Martin Juneau and business partner Louis-Philippe Breton, see below. Patrons can order food to go or pull up a barstool and dine in with a glass of wine. Menu items are duly wine-friendly, from starters like pâté en croûte, charcuterie and cheeses to more toothsome fare like guinea fowl, baby back ribs, and ample salads. Desserts include a chocolate stout cheesecake from Gus restaurant across the street, and a Monsieur Crémeux ice cream sandwich.

Photo credit: Eater Montreal

CUL-SEC, cave et cantine

29 rue Beaubien Est, Montreal, QC H2S 1P7 (514) 439-8747