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This Quebec Wedding Poutine Will Leave You in Tiers

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something gravy.

Lucky bride and poutine enthusiast Patricia Truchon
Lucky bride and poutine enthusiast Patricia Truchon
Patate Mallette

Stunt poutine is de rigueur in Quebec but one Montreal area snack bar took it to the next level this past weekend. Literally. Patate Mallette, open since 1956 in the suburb of Beauharnois, fashioned a gargantuan, three-tiered poutine for lucky bride to be Patricia Truchon and a crowd of famished well-wishers. The off-menu request, instigated by friend of the bride Émilie Deschamps, weighed in at more than 12 kg—10 kg of fries, 2.5 kg of cheese curds, and more than a litre of sauce. Watch the ceremonial pouring of the gravy below.

Et pourquoi pas vous faire saliver encore plus avec un vidéo de ce fameux gâteau de mariage en poutine! #théière #marquedecommerce ©

Posted by Patate Mallette on Tuesday, May 19, 2015