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La Mâle Bouffe Wants to Shower HoMa With Manly Junk Food

On Promenade Ontario.

La Mâle Bouffe

The concept has all the hallmarks of the trend to glorify foods both lowbrow and unrefined. La Mâle Bouffe—a masculine riff on malbouffe, or junk food—bills itself as a "sandwich shop and urban smokehouse." Principals in the new Hochelaga-Maisonneuve restaurant include Jacques Larocque, late of Poutineville, Pierre Provost, and Steve Trudeau. Beset by the typical delays, the restaurant, when open, will offer the likes of pulled pork sandwiches, fish and chip burgers, and more.

As befits a restaurant with the name La Mâle Bouffe, sandwiches will be swappable in poutine form at no surcharge. Take your standard poutine and top it with the sandwich's ingredients, sans bread, in other words. For more of what to expect from the new spot at 3894 Ontario Est, see below. (And yes, that is a slice of maple pie with bacon all over it.)

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Tarte mâle bouffe ! Ouverture le 1er mai !! Match du CH en HD !! #foodies #foodporn #bacon #montrealcanadians #montreal #food

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h/t Chowhound.