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Will Montreal Embrace Corey Shapiro's Sexy New Juice Bar?

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Juicyyy Lab's Instagram page is problematic.

You know. Juice.
You know. Juice.
Juicyyy Lab / Instagram

Juicyyy Lab, a juice bar from eyewear enthusiast and dime-store philosopher Corey Shapiro, and Chromeo's Patrick 'P-Thugg' Gemayel, finally opens this weekend (4289 Notre-Dame Ouest) after significant delays. "Having both very busy schedules, we had to find a way to keep our bodies as vibrant as our companies," Shapiro told Le Journal de Montréal this week. "Raw juices and snacks have become part of our everyday diet. As for Montreal, we realized that there was nothing in the city that allowed us to maintain our health regime, thus was born Juicyyy Lab." The ostensibly health-conscious venture will host a launch party tonight sponsored by a gin company—guests are encouraged to pepper their social media chatter with the hashtag #SickerThanYourBeverage.

Juicyyy marks the third business in Saint-Henri for the self-described hustler and recent alleged victim of police profiling. Shapiro is also the owner of Vintage Frames and Notorious Barbershop on Notre-Dame Ouest. This past April, the shrewd self-promoter spoke about his experience with vandalism in a rapidly gentrifying neighbourhood where 50% of residents live below the poverty line. "If you sell anything other than 25-cent hot dogs in Saint-Henri, you're not always welcome."

Juicyyy will definitely not sell 25-cent hot dogs. What it will sell are salads and cold-pressed organic juices. And sex appeal, apparently. While the act has been toned down of late, the juice bar's Instagram initially promoted absurd body image standards with uncommon zeal. Scroll down and the page proliferates with thigh gaps, six-pack abs, and platitudes like "the pure energy of nutrition." Because juice.

Update: Juicyyy's weekend launch party marred by pepper spray, smoke bombs, and vandalism.

Harder. #Juicyyy #Raw #Vegan #Organic #ColdPressed #Juice #Bar coming to #Montreal

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The pure energy of nutrition. #Juicyyy #Raw #Vegan #Organic #ColdPressed #Juice coming to #Montreal

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Ending your year with #health will bring natural #wealth. #Juicyyy

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Control of the body, starts with the mind. #Juicyyy

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#Fresh #Fruit enthusiasts. #Juicyyy #Organic #Raw #Vegan #ColdPressed #Juice coming to #Montreal

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