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Doughnut King Crémy Expands Next Week With Pizza, Ice Cream, Possibly Brunch

Rémy Couture takes his Plateau shop to another level.

More Crémy to love
More Crémy to love

The man who won Food Network's Donut Showdown for Montreal last October is about to expand in a big way. Rémy Couture of Crémy Pâtisserie and Crémy Mobile first hinted at his plans in April. The bigger, and presumably better, Crémy will include pizza five days a week, ice cream, and maybe even brunch. Couture's usual assortment of baked goods, pastries, and doughnuts? They ain't goin' nowhere.

Rendering of the new Crémy [Photo credit: Crémy]

CRémy Pâtisserie

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