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Toronto's Kinton Ramen Comes to Kinka Izakaya Today and Tomorrow

Is the pop-up a precursor?

Ramen goodness from Kinton
Ramen goodness from Kinton
Kinton Ramen

Downtown Montreal's Kinka Izakaya welcomes Toronto ramen pillar Kinton Ramen for a special kitchen collabo this week. Both brands are part of the Kinka restaurant group—there are currently four Kinton Ramens in Toronto. The restaurant's website exhorts: "Kinton Ramen is our masterpiece of Japanese noodle bowl. With this exceptional, unforgettable and scrumptious bowl that is not found anywhere else in town, you will be guaranteed to have a wonderful and addictive experience with us."

The pop-up gist at the Faubourg Ste-Catherine izakaya is this: customers can order Kinton Ramen's pork miso ramen or pork shio ramen at Kinka Izakaya this Tuesday and Wednesday (dinner hours only). Whether the pop-up presages a possible Kinton Ramen in Montreal is, of course, wildly speculative. But feel free to hope.


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