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Opening Alert: Café Tommy Pulls Espresso Shots in Old Montreal

In the landmark British Empire Building.

Normand Rajotte

A new coffee shop opened in heritage Old Montreal digs yesterday. Café Tommy, from Santos and Dolcetto & Co. owner Thomas Vernis (Tomahawk Group), occupies the former Exchange Bank, British Empire Building at Notre-Dame, corner Saint-François-Xavier. Über-designer Zébulon Perron has given the landmark quite the makeover—see below. The café is now serving your favourite coffee drinks and apéritifs.

Status: Café Tommy, 200-210 rue Notre-Dame Ouest, (514) 903-8669, certified open.

And the story begins... #tommymontreal #softopening #softeverything

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Soon Soon Soon... ☕️

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200 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest, Ville-Marie, QC H2Y 1T3 (514) 903-8669 Visit Website