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Martin Juneau Opens Monsieur Crémeux, Offers Cul-Sec Cantine Hints

Busy times on Beaubien.

Full plate for this chef
Full plate for this chef
Randall Brodeur

Chef Martin Juneau (Pastaga) and business partner Louis-Philippe Breton are busy on Beaubien in Little Italy. Amid absurdly gorgeous weekend weather, the duo opened the brick-and-mortar Monsieur Crémeux on Saturday. The dairy bar offers a lineup of frozen treats similar to the ones fans of the Monsieur Crémeux food truck know and love.

Inside Monsieur Crémeux

By the same token, Juneau offered his social media followers a first look inside the adjacent Le Cul-sec, a "cave et cantine."

Inside Le Cul-sec

Inside Le Cul-sec — Photo by Martin Juneau

In a recent La Presse profile, Juneau confessed that he loves natural wines and that in Europe "there are super charming wine shops where people buy bottles with a corkage fee. We want to offer the same type of service. We will work directly with winemakers to offer products not available at the SAQ." In compliance with the law, Cul-sec customers will have to purchase a dish to come away with a bottle. The food menu will consist of a dozen options or so, prepared at Pastaga around the corner, and assembled at the wine shop-slash-buvette for consumption on the premises or takeout. And as if Juneau did not have enough on his plate, the chef has a new television show on the way.

Status: Monsieur Crémeux, 43 Beaubien Est, certified open. Le Cul-sec, 29 Beaubien Est, soon.


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