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Antonio Park Isn't Wasting Any of That Sweet, Sweet Kobe Beef

Here's what the chef's doing with it.

Holy marbling
Holy marbling
Antonio Park

You can tell Antonio Park is just a little bit tickled to be the only chef in the Canada with exclusive rights to purchase and sell Kobe beef. Since news broke last month of his unprecedented access last month, the chef has been dropping copious hints about his plans to make frugal use of the luxe protein at Park and Lavanderia. In an Instagram photo of a Kobe beef burger with yucca fries, Park wrote: "What do you do with the 40% waste of Japanese Kobe beef fat? 1. Real Japanese Kobe Burger mixing with lean black angus. 2. Japanese Kobe Chorizo. 3. Japanese Kobe Lardo. 4. Japanese Kobe Butter." Kobe beef butter.

Last month Park told Eater that he won't hesitate to use the bones for stock and may even experiment with Kobe charcuterie. Park and his kitchen cohorts are also grilling Kobe steaks over Japanese binchotan and Argentine charcoal. The chef told The Globe and Mail recently that "[w]e try to raise the heat as high as we can so we can sear it very quickly on both sides, and the inside will be kind of raw. That’s the best way to serve it. You have to make sure that the inside is not cold, because when you have something so fatty and the centre is cold, it’s like you’re literally taking a block of butter and putting it in your mouth. It’s not fun any more." Don't forget—you can also purchase Kobe beef for home at Marché Park.


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