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Kevin Durant Makes $19 Million But Ate Like a Fan in Montreal Last Night

Foie gras and caviar? Try again.

NBA stars are people too
NBA stars are people too

Oklahoma Thunder forward Kevin Durant was in town last night to catch Drake's show at the Bell Centre. So just where does an NBA superstar who makes a cool $19 million a year fuel up before a concert in Montreal? No, not at Joe Beef, not at Au Pied de Cochon, not at Le Club Chasse et Pêche. Durant opted instead to nosh conveniently close to the Bell Centre, at Burger Bar.

The restaurant has all the details: "Under the watchful eyes of two bodyguards, Kevin Durant dined at Burger Bar last night enjoying a Crispy Crunch Chicken Sandwich, hold the tomato, onions and coleslaw, along with half a pound of extra spicy chicken wings, and washed it down with 4 glasses of lemonade. His date enjoyed salt 'n' pepper chicken wings." Four glasses of lemonade? Baller.

Burger Bar Crescent

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