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Le Richmond Doubles Down in Griffintown With Gigantic Gourmet Market and Bistro

Ambitious project adjoins original Le Richmond restaurant.

The bistro side of Le Richmond Marché Italien
The bistro side of Le Richmond Marché Italien
Le Richmond

Le Richmond Marché Italien, a swanky 6,000-square-foot gourmet market and 100-seat bistro, is now open in Griffintown. The venture is from Luc Laroche and Paul Soucie, the duo behind the bygone Misto in the Plateau and the swanky original Le Richmond restaurant in Griffintown. Soucie serves as executive chef of the market/restaurant hybrid.

More about Le Richmond Marché Italien from a sponsored advertorial featured in the Montreal Gazette over the weekend.

The entrepreneurs saw a golden opportunity when the 6,000-square foot space opened up at 333 Richmond St. – right next door to their restaurant.

They envisioned a useful hangout where clients could not only get groceries but, in its 100-seat bistro, a nice plate of antipasto or a full fresh meal that they could eat there or take home.

Le Richmond and Le Richmond Italian Market are a seamless blend of the present and the past, their contemporary decor a nod to the heyday of the historic district they call home.

"The building was a factory," Laroche said of the structure, which dates to the 1800s. "It was a power station, then it became a textile factory, and then a knitting factory." The main floor was the yarn warehouse.

Although it was in rough shape when the duo found it, the space now boasts a cosy dining room with dark hemlock floors made from wood brought in from the owners’ hometown. There is also a large terrasse where diners can see the stars at night.

"It’s a lifestyle," Laroche added, of the market. See photos of the new space below.

Status: Le Richmond Marché Italien, 333 Richmond, now open daily from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m..