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Opening Alert: A Plus Café Waffles Over in Old Montreal

Another new coffee shop on Saint-Jacques.

A Plus coffee is here
A Plus coffee is here
Google Street View

The former Brioche St-Jacques in Old Montreal has been replaced by A Plus. From the café's Facebook page: "A Plus Cafe is a cafe that just opened in the old port of Montreal! With a variety of foods and drinks, it's the perfect place to study or work."

A Plus gets an "F" for conflating the Old Port of Montreal with Old Montreal but the new coffee shop sells waffles, so all is forgiven. With the brand new Tommy, this block of Saint-Jacques is suddenly quite busy, café-wise.

Status: A Plus Café, 236 Saint-Jacques, (514) 586-6695, now open 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.