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McDonald's Wants to Win Over Canada With Lobster Rolls and Maple Bacon Poutine

All part of the burger behemoth's "Great Canadian Taste Adventure."

The limited time Maple & Bacon Poutine from McDonald's
The limited time Maple & Bacon Poutine from McDonald's
McDonald's Canada

The most emblematic foods of Canada? Try Ontario-raised chicken with "smokey Muskoka sauce," beef from Western Canada, Atlantic lobster, Quebec cheese curds, and "Nanaimo crumble" from B.C.

Such is the takeaway from a new patriotic-minded, coast to coast promotion from McDonald's Canada for the month of June. The limited time rollout of menu items like the McLobster, Maple & Bacon Poutine, and Chocolate Nanaimo Sundae is part of the multinational's Great Canadian Taste Adventure, unveiled in the run-up to Canada Day. There is a prize component of course, with trips to Alberta cattle ranch country, Muskoka, the Laurentians, Nova Scotia, and Vancouver Island at stake.

For an unrelated, yet strangely fascinating, look at how McDonald's targets specific regions of Canada, check out the video below.