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UPDATE: Tchotchke Thief Returns Bacon Bar's Precious Pig

Culprit had 48 hours to return porcine trinket.

Return of the pig
Return of the pig

Brutus, the Montreal bacon bar that won a modicum of viral infamy last summer thanks to Jägermeister bacon poutine, bacon sushi, bacon vodka, bacon bowls, and other stunt foods, wants a customer to return a decorative pig (see photo). The bar's management took to Facebook yesterday to issue this ultimatum (translated).


[Photo credit: Brutus]

Dear pig kidnapper,

You spent a part of your evening here yesterday night. We even saw you greedily frenching another customer at the bar. In short, as you left you had the bad idea to steal our lucky pig near the exit. You have 48 hours to return it (don't worry, we'll just laugh at you a bit), otherwise we will publish your depixelated photo on the interwebs. #WeHaveCamerasEverywhere.

Stay tuned for more details as this drama unfolds.

Update: The pignapper wisely chose to return the stolen item today.


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