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Saint-Henri's Café Baci's Now Bagel St-Henri

New name, same concept.

Bagel St-Henri

Café Baci's, a Saint-Henri sandwich shop, breakfast and brunch spot, took on a new name this past weekend. The six-year-old Saint-Antoine Ouest restaurant is now Bagel St-Henri. Because bagels. And, below, poutine bagels. Management explained the name change on Facebook:

"Dear Customers, Just not to confuse you more, We did change our name to Bagel St-Henri but nothing else did. The same menu, the same bad food and service :-)), Hope to see you soon."

Poutine bagels from Bagel St-Henri

Poutine bagels from Bagel St-Henri [Photo credit: Bagel St-Henri]

Cafe Baci's

4354 rue St-Antoine O, Montreal, QC H4C 1C8 (514) 516-2232