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Montreal Chef Conquers Chopped Canada

Mathieu Masson Duceppe overcame much adversity to make it this far.

Mathieu Masson Duceppe
Mathieu Masson Duceppe
Chopped Canada

A Montreal-area chef is $10,000 richer thanks to a successful run on the most recent episode of Chopped Canada. Mathieu Masson Duceppe, 23, cooks at Magia in Longueuil and divulged on camera that the kitchen saved him as a teenager from a destructive drug habit. After judge Michael Smith announced his win an exultant Duceppe called it his best experience as a chef and declared: "I just won $10,000! Having that money at my age to start what I really want to do is just beautiful. I come from nothing. The feeling of accomplishing something is the best thing I can ask for." Go watch the entire episode here.

Restaurant Magia

295 rue St-Charles Ouest, Longueuil, QC J4H 1E7 (450) 670-7131