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Veteran Club Impresarios Open École Privée on the Main

A fresh start on Saint-Laurent.

Nic Urli

The bygone Wood35 restaurant and bar will make way for École Privée, a new venture from veteran promoters and impresarios like Nathan Gannage and Zach Macklovitch (SaintWoods), Brooke Walsh (Coda Nightlife Group), Nic Urli (Flyjin, Jatoba, Hà, Velvet), and Alexandre Besnard (Le Confessional, Apt. 200, Rachel Rachel, A5 Management). The club will officially launch the first weekend of July. Call (514) 804-2582 to reserve.

Status: École Privée, 3500 Saint-Laurent, (514) 804-2582. Opens Friday, July 3.