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B1 Cocktail Club Calls it Quits in the Latin Quarter

Owner Tony Galdes moves on to other projects.


Notable cocktail bar B1 is no more. In a neighbourhood rife with pubs and cheap student bars, well-made cocktails have proved a tough sell, it seems. Owner Tony Galdes (of the BartenderOne school) hosted a final bash over the weekend and told Eater last week it was time to cut his losses and focus on other projects.

The bar has been sold to an unknown group and will likely reopen under a different guise soon. Galdes's efforts now pivot to Nexus Café and SmartBar, a new Latin Quarter concept projected to open in a matter of weeks.

Viens nous voir une dernière fois ce soir ! Tout l'alcool doit disparaître, on a besoin de ton aide #any1canb1

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B1 Bar

2021, rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H2X 3K8 (514) 419-3444