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Opening Alert: Kesté Succeeds Voro in Mile End

Cucina Napoletana from former Cavalli chef.

Kesté, the former Voro
Kesté, the former Voro

Voro is no more. The restaurant on Fairmount that never quite resonated with Mile End diners has made way for Kesté, a Neapolitan restaurant from veteran chef Gianluca Esposito. Caroline Voisard, wife of Voro principal Angelo Rindone, is a partner as well.

"The space is warmer now," reported Esposito today. "Voro had a little bit of an identity crisis. We want to create a family-style Italian restaurant." After more than a decade at bygone supper club Cavalli, the chef decided it was time to chart a new path. "I prefer to have customers who come a few times rather than once. With Kesté I go to the market myself, every day. I have my personal butcher, my fishmonger. The menu will be easy but good quality. A lot of plates to share." One of those plates, a mozzarella ball stuffed with tagliolini and pesto, breaded and deep-fried, is Esposito's signature (see below). The restaurant's mostly Italian wine list has a new look too, thanks to manager Danny Palazzo, late of Flyjin, Bottega, and, like Esposito, the Montreal Gourmet group.

Status: Kesté, 275 Fairmount Ouest, (514) 509-1341. Now open weekdays for lunch and dinner (save Monday), Saturday for brunch and dinner, Sunday for brunch only.

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