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Opening Alert: Doula and Culinary Wizard Offer Outremont a Peace Café

Caffè della Pace is here.

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Inside Outremont's newest café
Inside Outremont's newest café
Caffè della Pace

Caffè della Pace, a café and vegetarian restaurant, is now open. After a few snags (i.e. permit snafus), the Indiegogo crowdfunder from dreamer and midwifery advocate Rivka Cymbalist and her culinary wizard son Giacomo managed to score a home recently on Van Horne, corner Hutchison.

Cymbalist describes Caffè della Pace as a community space and avatar for her passion for holistic doula care. But make no mistake, the ethos is inclusive. "More than anything, and more than ever, we need a place where everyone is welcome and appreciated! Women from around the world, their babies and bellies, friends, teachers and their students can come and taste Giacomo’s wonderful food, share experiences and knowledge, and create bonds that may last forever."

On the Caffè della Pace menu: illy coffee, Shanti organic teas, homemade breads, sandwiches, soups, salads, and pastries. See below.

Status: Caffè della Pace, 1002 av. Van Horne, (514) 341-8845, now open.

Caffe della Pace

1002 Van Horne, Montreal, QC H2V 1J5 +51 43 418845