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Get Your Ass to Mile-Ex for Savoury Waffles at Alexandraplatz

Chefs Aaron Langille and Kyle Croutch run wild with waffles.

Alexandraplatz Bar
Alexandraplatz Bar
Cuisine de Rue

When Aaron Langille (Orange Rouge, Café Sardine) and Kyle Croutch (Salmigondis, Orange Rouge, Café Sardine) open their new Montreal restaurant, hopefully sometime later this year, don't look for savoury waffles to be front and centre. Langille was clear on this point last month when he confirmed his new project: "Just so you know, the waffles aren't for the new restaurant. They're for Alexandraplatz."

The chef was referring to the recent deluge of waffles pics on his Instagram; a fun, pop-up collabo with Croutch at the popular, seasonal Mile-Ex bar and frequent street food party host. Deluge is a good word because for the first couple of weeks, waffles at 'platz was a rained-out bust—thus spawning this hashtag. Lately however, Langille and Croutch have had a pretty consistent run with their creative, savoury takes on waffles, from nacho waffles to smoked chicken poutine waffles to bacon and sweet pea waffles. You can get your savoury waffle fix outside Alexandraplatz Bar (6731 de l'Esplanade) as of 5:30 p.m. every Monday and Tuesday throughout the summer.

We're waffling at #alexandraplatz again today, starting at 15:30 until we sell out!

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