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The Rolling Stones Ate at Joe Beef Last Night

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Band in Montreal in advance of epic Quebec City show.

Jagger and Watts in Little Burgundy
Jagger and Watts in Little Burgundy
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Singer Mick Jagger and drummer Charlie Watts enjoyed a meal at Joe Beef last night. A tipster reports that the septuagenarian rock gods, in town with the rest of The Rolling Stones before a concert in Quebec City, came in with a modest entourage in tow—a table of six on the restaurant's terrasse. A small security detail briefed every table beforehand; patrons were kindly asked not to request autographs or photographs. It seems they duly complied. In fact, some customers were reportedly unaware of Jagger's and Watts' presence (or the presence of a paparazzo in the Little Burgundy restaurant's back alley). No word on the tip amount but some wine, starters, and lobster spaghetti were ordered. It seems the table, and Jagger in particular, appreciated Joe Beef's playlist, from Gordon Lightfoot to Bob Marley. Incidentally, Jagger was also spotted at Garde Manger on Sunday night.

The Rolling Stones were here

The Rolling Stones were here [Photo: Randall Brodeur]

Joe Beef

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