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The Joe Beef Family Expands With the Arrival of the New Le Vin Papillon

More to love in Little Burgundy.

Randall Brodeur

Several months after it was announced, the makeover and expansion of acclaimed Little Burgundy spot Le Vin Papillon is officially done. The wine bar complement to Joe Beef and Liverpool House has effectively doubled in size and now sports a new bar, bigger terrasse, and enlarged, tricked out kitchen. As first reported in April, the restaurant will also open days. Joe Beef’s Dave McMillan explained: "We've decided to open in the mornings. We'll sell coffee and sandwiches until the wine bar starts up at 3 p.m. We're also toying with the idea of putting in a sliding takeout window to sell soup, sandwiches and lemonade."

Le Vin Papillon principal, and Joe Beef chef Marc-Olivier Frappier told Eater back in July: "We're super happy with the progress so far. The key component is the bar—[chuckles] it was strange to have a wine bar with no bar. We'll also have a soft serve ice cream machine too." Frappier expected the expansion to wrap up sometime in late August—here they are, not too far off from that target, ready to go.


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Le Vin Papillon

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