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Montreal Sushi Restaurant Infested With Decomposing Mice

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Sushi 999? More like Sushi 911.

A literal shitshow
A literal shitshow
Sushi 999

A Montreal municipal court judge recently fined the owners of a sushi restaurant $2,500 after a customer complained to the city's food inspection agency of filth, repulsive bathroom toilets, and refuse bins full of putrid fish and shrimp. Two days after the customer's complaint inspectors confirmed the horror show at Sushi 999 at 405A Sherbrooke Est, corner Saint-Denis. Le Journal de Montréal reports that the restaurant was infested with dead mice and rodent feces.

Inspectors found fresh evidence of mice excrement everywhere, from the kitchen floor to the storage shelves to bags of sugar. "There was a foul, strong stench that emanated from the premises and rings of rodent urine were apparent on the shelves," noted the inspectors. Moreover, dead, decomposing mice were found in and near the kitchen.

It gets worse. In a refrigerator, liquid from raw beef had spilled onto grated carrots underneath. Raw shrimp and raw fish were found stored on top of vegetables and fruit. The exhaust was covered with a thick layer of yellowish fat and mold was rife. Floors and walls were greasy and dirty and inspectors could not locate a sanitary facility for employees or customers to wash their hands. The owner of Sushi 999, which is still open, did not return calls to address the matter.

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Sushi 999

405, rue Sherbrooke Est, Montreal, QC H2L 1J9 (514) 282-8838