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Read Actual Customer Reviews of Montreal's Most Infamous Sushi Restaurant

When it comes to dirt cheap all-you-can-eat food, ignorance is bliss, apparently.

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Inside Sushi 999
Inside Sushi 999
Google Street View

Sushi 999, the Montreal restaurant recently busted for a decomposing mouse corpse problem, among other public health hazards, was—is—popular (the restaurant has 61 five-star reviews on Facebook). Nonetheless, it's hard to square some of the restaurant's TripAdvisor and Yelp reviews with the horror show that inspectors stumbled upon after a customer complaint several months ago: rampant rodent excrement; raw, dripping beef mingled with grated carrots; raw shrimp and fish stored on top of fruit; layers of yellowish fat and mold in food prep areas. But hey, all-you-can-eat amirite?

In light of what we know now about Sushi 999, these reviews are chilling.

· "It's not exactly the best place to have a date and not the place to go if you know your sushi (the quality is just okay). However, I still recommend this place if you're on a budget and sushi is on your mind." Katerina B.

· "For the price it's not bad; the sashimi is pretty good, not the best but pretty good. The bathroom is kinda weird." David H.

"After going to Sushi Crescent all the time, it was time to try a new All You Can Eat Sushi place! As I always do, I got ready to have all you can eat sushi: I didnt have breakfast, so I would starve and crave sushi a lot so its worth what I pay." Lara S.

· "Sushi 999 is definitely not the best sushi place ever but it is a cheap all-you-can-eat buffet to grab some decent but still tasty sushi. Perfect place for big groupes of people that are on a budget." Sophie H.

· "Had a lovely night out with a group of Yelpers here. Having been warned that Montreal is not a sushi town, and that all-you-can-eat sushi buffets here can be kind of dicey, I was going in with low expectations. However, I really enjoyed the meal." Andrea L.

· "We had all you can eat sushi. The food was ok. Really liked the crispy mango hand roll. The service was timely." Maitree R.

· "A good and cheap place to have some really good sushi!" Daniel Cavalheiro

· "I like going to Sushi 999 a lot! The menu is great and the food is fantastic! Unlike other reviews, I've never experienced either delay of my orders nor receiving wrong orders. The service was lovely." Taghreed A.

· "The place is nice and simple. The food is very good and cheap. Basically for what you're paying (eating all you can!), it's really a bargain! Fun environment to go with friends and try out everything!" reginacalcagno

· "Regardless everything tasted great. Average quality, but again it is an all you can eat." storm1600

· "Good quality fresh sushi. Busy happening place." CanadaFoodGuru

Sushi 999

405, rue Sherbrooke Est, Montreal, QC H2L 1J9 (514) 282-8838