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UPDATED: Employee Blasts Montreal Restaurant Owner on Yelp, Alleges Slave-Like Treatment

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Ex-staffer rants about her brief experience at Bacaro Urban Pizzeria.

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Inside Bacaro
Inside Bacaro
Bacaro Urban Pizzeria

UPDATE (Wednesday, July 29 12:45 p.m.): Since the publish date of this post, Yelp has removed the "review" in question. Bacaro's owner has reached out to adamantly deny the allegations. Eater is investigating this matter further.

It's the kind of Yelp review you don't want to read as a restaurant owner. One from a disgruntled former employee, alleging verbal abuse and dysfunction behind the scenes. But that's exactly the case with a recent rant from an ex-worker at Bacaro Urban Pizzeria in Westmount, who chose to air her grievances with the restaurant's owners on the crowd-sourced review site.

Here it is, slightly edited for clarity.

I was a client at this restaurant and I thought it was good. Seeing that I was looking for a fun little second job I applied for one, got it, and after 15 hours I QUIT. The manager told me that my opinions didn't matter when I was giving feedback about clients and from when I was a client myself. They do not care what you think about the restaurant as long as you are giving them your money. The owner has 0 respect for his employees and I quit before the opening this morning because of the way he spoke to me and then how he turned around to his Chef and treated her. He yelled at her in front of all the employees and told her how she worked like complete shit—when all you see is this girl running around and taking full control of the kitchen pretty much on her own. I would never ever want to eat at a place where they don't believe in the customers’ extreme satisfaction and where they treat their employees like they are owned slaves and not individuals with a mind.


The Yelp entry, which hasn't elicited a response from management, comes as Bacaro prepares to open a second Montreal restaurant.

Bacaro Urban Pizzeria

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