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Controversial Bar Owner Peter Sergakis to Appeal Massive $18,000 Fine

"I don't agree with that law."

Peter Sergakis
Peter Sergakis

Serial restaurant, bar, and strip club owner Peter Sergakis wants to be able to refill liquor bottles and keep alcohol in containers other than the ones in which they were originally stored. A 2013 inspection of Sky, his popular nightclub complex in the Village, resulted in the seizure of some 103 bottles, based on the suspicion that they were too full and had been illegaly tampered with. Sergakis admitted before a judge that the transfer of alcohol between bottles was standard practice at his bar, and had been for years. The prickly businessman, who so often makes headlines for the wrong reasons (see below), was subsequently slapped with an $18,000 fine, reports La Presse. Sergakis plans to appeal the court's decision.

"The law says that we're not allowed to do that, but I don't agree with that law," Sergakis told the Montreal Gazette. The irascible president of the completely legit Quebec Bar Owners Association claimed that the alcohol was legally purchased and never diluted.

This is far from Sergakis's only turn in the Montreal media spotlight. There was also the time he:
· had a lesbian couple expelled from one of his bars
· wanted to sue the Montreal Canadiens
· was busted for scamming customers
· denied the harmful effects of second-hand smoke
· screwed over a beloved dive bar for the second time
· got into an altercation with an adocate for Montreal's homeless
· was 'fooled' into hiring an underage stripper

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