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With Piazza del Sogno, Downtown Montreal Gets More Pizza

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New arrival is a bit of a mystery.

Neapolitan style downtown
Neapolitan style downtown
Piazza del Sogno

"An Italian piazza with a café and pizzeria serving authentic Neapolitan food and coffee." This, the Facebook story on Piazza del Sogno, now open for business downtown in the bygone restaurant Chandelier. And, alas, that is the whole story on Piazza del Sogno so far, other than photos of a vegetarian pizza and some croissants. The de Maisonneuve Ouest newcomer has yet to post its phone number, menu, hours, and so on. So coy, these new Montreal restaurants. But hey, pizza.

Status: Piazza del Sogno, 1180 de Maisonneuve Ouest, now open.