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Charles-Antoine Crête's Montréal Plaza Will Open August 23 With Normand Laprise in the Kitchen

In conjunction with Omnivore.

Jocelyn Michel et Roger Aziz

A collaborative dinner with Normand Laprise and the Toqué! kitchen brigade will be held at Montréal Plaza, Charles-Antoine Crête and Cheryl Johnson's new La Petite-Patrie restaurant on Sunday, August 23. Crête, of course, was Laprise's chef de cuisine at Toqué! and left the landmark restaurant in December 2013 after 14 years. The Maudit Souper event—6 p.m. to 10 p.m., five services for $100, $40 wine supplement, with apéro and mignardises—is part of the Omnivore World Tour and will effectively double as the Plaza Saint-Hubert restaurant's official launch. Montréal Plaza (6230 Saint-Hubert) will then open the weekend after with regular hours, all tbd. Stay tuned for more on Crête and Johnson's hotly anticipated new restaurant. Call (514) 903-6230 for tickets to the dinner on August 23.

As for Omnivore, the food event road show returns to Montreal between August 20 and 24 with the usual lineup of chef demos and special dinners. For more info, check out Omnivore's somewhat cryptic website here.