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New O.Noir Restaurant to Plunge Prince-Arthur Into Darkness

Eat with the lights off in the Plateau.


Here's how former Gazette critic Sarah Musgrave described a meal at O.Noir in 2007: "It's black as night at O.Noir, a concept restaurant that literally keeps diners in the dark. Following the model of similar establishments in Zurich, Los Angeles and New York, visually impaired servers take care of guests who eat in a room without any light." Musgrave went on to add that as "a sensory adventure, O.Noir is worth an outing."

Now Plateau diners will have a chance to decide for themselves whether it is indeed "better in the dark." The restaurant from Alejandro Martinez and Leonardo Nieto will expand to Prince-Arthur very soon. Management took to Facebook recently to write (translated): "Somewhere, nestled on Prince-Arthur, make room for an uncommon sensory experience; take a seat and let your senses intuitively guide you." Stay tuned.

O. Noir

1631 rue Ste-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, QC H3H 1L8 (514) 937-9727 Visit Website

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