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What Are Impasto's Stefano Faita and Michele Forgione Up to Now?

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Photo op with Mayor Denis Coderre tantalizes.

Quite the trio
Quite the trio
Stefano Faita

They run two of the most popular restaurants in Montreal in Impasto and Pizzeria Gema, have a next level casse-croûte on the way to cement their status as the new dons of Little Italy, and now today, this. That is Stefano Faita and Michele Forgione with Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, in Griffintown, with hard hats.

"Revitalizing Montréal...stay tuned #comingsoon #Griffintown #impasto #pizzeriagema," wrote Faita on Instagram. Consider us intrigued. Stay tuned, obviously.

UPDATE—Here is the scoop on Faita and Forgione's mayoral photo-op today. Faita will oversee a food court that will make up part of the Tour Wellington redevelopment in Griffintown. Find out more about the $4.6 million project here.

Tour Wellington

Tour Wellington [Photo]

Revitalizing Montréal...stay tuned #comingsoon #Griffintown @micheleforgione #impasto #pizzeriagema

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