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Kylie Jenner May Have Unwittingly Revived a Montreal Baker's Cake Business

The reality television star will celebrate her 18th birthday in the city on August 16.

Let her drink and eat cake
Let her drink and eat cake
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The Beachclub in Pointe-Calumet, a suburb 30 minutes northwest of Montreal, has had a busy summer. The EDM event and waterpark complex recently hosted social media personality, alleged über-douche, and probable misogynist Dan Bilzerian, and, this Sunday, August 16, will pay a fat appearance fee to throw a birthday bash for Kylie Jenner. Jenner, of the Kardashian clan, and the daughter of Caitlyn Jenner, turns 18 this week (and, bonus, will thus be able to consume alcohol legally in Montreal).

And enjoy plenty of cake too. The Montreal Gazette reports today that Jessika Menard, a baker in the suburb of Hudson and co-owner of Le Cozy Café, has been tasked with the design and creation of the all-important 18th birthday cake. Menard will receive a tidy $3,000, give or take, for her efforts, and divulges that the "colour theme will be gold and silver—elegant. Kylie is a glamour girl." The cake commission comes at an opportune time for the Montreal-area baker and café owner.

"It’s funny because only three weeks ago I was thinking of dropping the cake business [Cakes par Haute Couture]. Business at the café is booming and I didn’t really need the cakes. Then the Jenner cake happened. I guess it was a sign I should keep going." Menard has been duly inundated with media requests since news broke of her famous client.


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