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Rapido Espresso Bar Now Jolting Downtown Montreal Awake

A new café on Sainte-Catherine Ouest.

Rapido, pronto
Rapido, pronto
Joanna Fox

Another week, another new coffee shop enters the fray. This time the caffeine contender is Rapido, a downtown-slash-Shaughnessy Village espresso bar slated for the space next to popular Japanese pub Kazu, at 1860A Sainte-Catherine Ouest. Principal Antoine Saker, a real estate broker by profession, plans to open daily—and soon too. Stay tuned for details.

Update--Tuesday, August 18: A tipster wrote in today with this bit of intel on Rapido: "I walked by Rapido Espresso Bar yesterday and it was open: it was their first day. The owner was offering free shots and coffee drinks all day, on one of the hottest days of the year! He serves Kittel Fullum blend made on a gorgeous La Marzocco machine."

Status: Rapido, 1860A Ste. Catherine West, now open Monday to Saturday.