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Pizzeria No 900 Sets South Shore Expansion for September

Saint-Lambert braces.

Alexandre Brunet with his new No 900 South Shore partners
Alexandre Brunet with his new No 900 South Shore partners
No 900

When Pizzeria No 900 first took over the moribund Ian Perreault Prêts-à-Manger in Théâtre Outremont on Bernard it was evident principals Alexandre Brunet and Dominic Bujold had plans beyond a food truck and lone brick-and-mortar outlet. Bujold's history as the founder of Sushi Shop hinted otherwise, and, indeed, the business partners divulged at the time that they "did not envision only Québec. The concept is an exceptional one that we can take anywhere in the world." The initial investment outlay for new franchisees was ballparked at $200,000. For Brunet, the key to No 900's long-term success as a brand was "to offer an excellent quality-price ratio and to be flexible. Franchisees have to adapt to customer feedback, and personalize the franchise."

This just in: No 900's quest for Neapolitan-style pizza global supremacy will start in Saint-Lambert. The South Shore enclave will host the first No 900 franchise, slated for a mid-September launch. Time will tell whether the 'burbs embrace the pizza critic Lesley Chesterman recently called her "favourite in the city" as much as Outremont has.

Pizzeria Napolitaine 900

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