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Two New Restaurants Compete For Taco Supremacy in Saint-Henri

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Bienvenidos Tacos Victor and Café Frida.

Tacos Victor on opening day
Tacos Victor on opening day
Tacos Victor

With this recent map of essential tacos, we at Eater Montreal declared the city Canada's taqueria capital—and Latin American food capital too. That bold pronouncement has made even more sense over time, as several new taquerias have duly hit the scene. Two of the more recent arrivals have come within days of—and steps from—each other.

Café Frida has a dépanneur license and sells prepared Mexican foods, as these tacos well attest. The business is a family affair, run by Aurora Morales Perez and her two sons, Enrique and Hugo. Customers can pick up assorted Mexican grocery items to go or indulge in mom's tacos. Chicken, beef, carnitas, and mushroom tacos are available, all served with pico de gallo. Wash it all down with the house-made horchata.

The name Tacos Victor says all you need to know about the 'hood's other new Mexican spot, which officially opened August 8. On the menu: a full gamut of tacos and Jarritos brand sodas. The early word on both comes from a Chowhound keener: "We preferred Frida as a more traditionnal taco. Simple and fresh topings. Family run place. Will keep on going. Better than a lot of traditional tacos we've tried in town. $2 taco, you can't go wrong." At Victor the same Chowhound commenter had “tacos for $5 each (taxes inc.). They are less traditionnal as they include fries. We had the bavette tacos, loaded with meat and grilled onions.”

Status: Café Frida, 4412 Notre-Dame Ouest, (514) 553-2040, now open. Tacos Victor, 4376 Notre-Dame Ouest, (438) 937-9936, now open.

Aurora Morales and her sons Enrique and Hugo [Photo: Café Frida]

Aurora Morales Perez with sons Enrique and Hugo Chan [Photo: Café Frida]


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Tacos Victor

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