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Downtown Montreal Welcomes 'Oriental Style Pub' and Karaoke Bar

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Pan-Asian vibes on Crescent.

Sing and drink here
Sing and drink here
1240 Pub Asie

1240 Pub Asie, a self-described 'Oriental style pub' and karaoke bar, is now open downtown at 1240 Crescent. The izakaya-ish restaurant from principal Jie Du sports a hodgepodge, pan-Asian menu that serves up the likes of ramen, bibimbap, takoyaki, sashimi, chicken burgers, potato salad, and, curiously, $1 lobsters. This dish, below, is described as "lobster salad and lobster sushi and sashimi stuffed with lobster mashed potatoes, served with dry seaweed."

[Photo credit: 1240 Pub Asie]

1240 also doubles as a karaoke bar, with private rooms available to rent by the hour, and happy hour specials. Probably safe to assume that the restaurant will try to turn a profit from alcohol sales, and not lobsters.

Update, September 29: Though technically open, 1240 will throw a launch party on October 9, with a $1 food menu, $2 beers, and $500 cash coupon raffles. More details here.

Status: 1240 Pub Asie, 1240 Crescent, (514) 564-1188, now open Monday to Sunday as of 3:00 p.m. until late.

1240's karaoke room

One of 1240's karaoke rooms [Photo credit: 1240 Pub Asie]

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