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Looks Like Sicilian Restaurant Scarpetta Has Shut Down in Mile End

This place had garnered good reviews.


"Noticed on Parc Ave this morning: Scarpetta is closed," writes a Chowhound member today. Indeed, the Sicilian restaurant-slash-wine bar's phone number is no longer in service. Another tipster, familiar with the restaurant, confirmed the news this afternoon.

Largely on the strength of chef Monick Gilles' food, Scarpetta scored positive reviews from Montreal's food critics after it opened in late 2012. Jean-Philippe Tastet hinted in April of 2014 that the Mile End restaurant was a hidden gem. Too hidden, perhaps, despite a rave review from Lesley Chesterman in the Gazette a year before.

Gilles left Scarpetta last February to take a kitchen post at L'Alexia in Ahuntsic. Owner Antonio Russo was contacted for comment about Scarpetta's closure today (and for an explanation about an explicit twerking video the restaurant posted to Twitter from Russo's Facebook page). Stay tuned for additional news, of the twerking and non-twerking variety, if available.


4525 av. du Parc, Montreal, Quebec H2V 4E4 514-903-4447