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Another Montreal Critic Loves Pizzeria No 900

Free pizza on Wednesday, September 2 from the Outremont restaurant.

No 900 inside Théâtre Outremont
No 900 inside Théâtre Outremont
Alain Denis

More than three months after Lesley Chesterman declared No 900 her favourite pizza in Montreal, another critic is firmly on board with the Outremont outfit. Marie-Claude Lortie gives the pizzeria from Alexandre Brunet and Sushi Shop founder Dominic Bujold some major love today in La Presse. The rave review comes at an opportune time: No 900 is about to expand to the South Shore.

The menu at No 900 is simple, admits Lortie: "on y propose essentiellement de la pizza cuite dans un four venu d'Italie, le tout en 90 secondes, à 900 degrés, d'où le nom du resto." But what the restaurant does, it generally does well. The critic's sole quibble is the kitchen's use of truffle oil on one of the pizzas. Other than that, ingredients are well-chosen and of quality. The same can be said of No 900's starters, from burratta to Italian cold cuts to an arugula salad. For dessert simplicity rules the day too; Lortie is happy with her cannoli and kids will adore the restaurant's take on Nutella pizza. No 900's only conspicuous flaw may be its occasional inability to cope with its own popularity. Not the worst problem to have. Bottom line: Lortie will definitely return.

Update, Wednesday, September 2, 4:18 p.m.: No 900's food truck will be in front of the restaurant as of 6 p.m. with free pizzas to commemorate the restaurant's one-year anniversary. Get all the details here.

Pizzeria Napolitaine 900

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