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Get a Teaser Look Inside Montréal Plaza, Chef Charles-Antoine Crête's New Restaurant

Normand Laprise helps open the new spot for Omnivore World Tour.

Outside the new Montréal Plaza
Outside the new Montréal Plaza
Eater Montreal

Montréal Plaza, the anticipated new Plaza Saint-Hubert restaurant from Charles-Antoine Crête and Cheryl Johnson, hosted its inaugural service yesterday. Tickets to the Omnivore World Tour event, a Maudit Souper in partnership with Crête's mentor at Toqué!, Normand Laprise, had sold out promptly a few weeks ago. The restaurant opens in earnest later this week—call (514) 903-6230 for reservations. Here, some social media menu hints and a look at the bespoke Zébulon Perron signature space.

The place to be tonight #montrealplaza#evenement#normanlaprise#bravo#charlesantoinecrete#sheryljohnson#omnivore

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Montreal plaza #lambelivable#succesassure#bravoencore#charlesantoinecrete#sheryljohnson

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On poursuit notre journée foodies pour l'ouverture du nouveau Montréal plaza sua plaza ❤️ #mauditsouper

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#légumes #mauditsouper #owtmontreal @omnivoreworld #MontrealPlaza

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I'm obsessed. Touched to witness the beginning of this new adventure! @montrealplaza #love #❤️ #longliveritalin!

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Oh, that was fun ❤️

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Montréal Plaza

6230 Rue Saint-Hubert, Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie, QC H2S 2M2 (514) 903-6230 Visit Website