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Braseria El Tumbao Serves Peruvian Street Food on Saint-Denis in the Plateau

Restaurant doubles as a club.

El Tumbao

Braseria El Tumbao, a self-described Peruvian restaurant, clubhouse, and pub from principal Diana Nalvarte De-La Cruz, is now open on Saint-Denis in the Plateau. Expect no-nonsense fare from the kitchen like ceviche; grilled chicken; deep-fried seafood; marinated, grilled beef heart brochettes; tamals; and sausages. For sides, it's simple salads and fried potatoes; beverage-wise, beers and sangria star. On weekends El Tumbao has live music, opens up a dance floor, and closes at 3 a.m.

Status: Braseria El Tumbao, 4275 Saint-Denis, (514) 254-0777, open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch and dinner, Friday, Saturday until 3 a.m.

El Tumbao

4275 Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC H1S 1M5 (514) 254-0777