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Who's Behind @KemCoBaLine?

An exclusive interview with the anonymous ice cream line tweeter.

Kem CoBa
Kem CoBa

Earlier this summer, Eater reported on a twitter account, @KemCoBaLine, that followed the literal twists and turns of the lineup at the Mile End ice cream shop, Kem CoBa. Notorious for gathering some pretty serious crowds on a daily basis, the shop's devoted fans could follow the feed to see what the line situation was like before they ventured out for those artisanal scoops.

With a fair amount of media attention and an impending interview in a national publication, Eater got a chance to speak with the person behind the hilarious (and actually quite useful) account on the condition of anonymity.

What made you want to create this twitter account?

KCL: I was a little bit drunk at Lawrence on St-Jean-Baptiste because I had the day off work and noticed the long line outside Kem CoBa. I actually wanted to do this for a long time because I live nearby, but I wanted it to be an app. Because I don't have any money, this was the next best thing. So that was the catalyst.

Do you ever go to Kem CoBa?

KCL: No, I don't even like ice cream.

How do you keep up with the demands of following the line?

I have a pretty solid network of people who tell me about the line so I don't have to sit on my balcony all day, although I do enjoy sitting on my balcony with a bottle of wine. I don't really think Kem CoBa knows I exist.

How many followers do you have so far?

KCL: I don't know, like 400? There's a lot French journalists and politicians. They really seem to love me, or maybe it's just the ice cream.

So how much time do you actually spend on this?

KCL: Not that much, to be honest. A lot of people send me photos of the line so that helps.  I know what everyone is thinking and they're wrong! I am currently fully (but not gainfully) employed.

Do you work in the restaurant industry?

KCL: I might.

Any other hints to your identity?

KCL: 5 foot 4, very average looking.

Kem Coba

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