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Thierry Daraize Falls Hard For Landry & Filles

The Journal De Montréal critic is in love.


Thierry Daraize begins this week's review of Laundry & Filles by stating that if all the new restaurants in this city had as much vision and passion as this one, he would be an extremely happy man. He then uses the word amour/amoureux 7 times in total when talking about his experience. I think he likes it.

Yet another shining review for this Plateau darling, Daraize even describes the clientele with fondness: "Des clients, des amis, on ne sait plus qui est qui. J’avais la sensation que tout le monde se connaissait. C’était beau à voir! Comme la famille qui vient vous rendre visite et qui sait d’avance qu’elle sera bien gâtée... De l’amour, je vous le dis!"

As for the food, it's almost all positive with a few minor missteps. The salmon gravlax ploye was nice and refreshing even though the salmon was slightly salty for his taste, the chicken liver terrrine was one of the best he's had recently and the scotch egg with crab was also good, but the celery root in the remoulade was grated a bit too thick. The real specialty of Laundry & Filles is the roast chicken and it did not disappoint Daraize there. There was also equal love for the desserts he sampled: "Trottoir aux airelles, cassis, amélanchier, cerise, fromage à la crème et thym, servi tiède. Pana cota fondant parfaitement en bouche. Un délice!"

In terms of service, Daraize says that Marc Laudry is a lucky man to be in the company of such lovely ladies and ends the article with a final declaration: "Il faut dire que je suis un peu amoureux des filles de chez Landry."

Landry & Filles

4764 Papineau, Montreal, QC (514) 419-7766 Visit Website