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Vive Les Fillettes, Says Another Montreal Restaurant Critic

Marie-Claude Lortie is a fan of the Outremont bistro.

In this week's La Presse restaurant review, Marie-Claude Lortie is the latest food critic to be very positive about the new Outremont bistro, Les Fillettes. With a refreshing makeover from the previous neighbourhood institution, Le Paris Beurre, Lortie describes the new atmosphere as still having the spirit of the old place but with fresh, modern touches such as the white walls, wood accents and retro lamps. With the real summer draw still being the outdoor terrasse in the back, Lortie remarks that bar area is "de type bistrot parisien avec ses hautes chaises de bois tourné, et des plats comme les oeufs mimosas ou le foie de veau grillé donnent au restaurant des airs franchement citadins français."

She continues by saying that dining there during the day and at night offer up two totally different experiences. Sitting at the bar at lunch eating veal liver in a vinegar and lardon sauce with a glass of wine reminds her of France and leaves her light and happy. At night, it's a bottle of wine from the modern wine list full of natural wines and private imports, and a selection of dishes to share. The tapas like entrees of mackerel escabeche, pistachio pesto green peas, onion and anchovy pastry, asparagus with shallots and lardons are all pleasantly well-received. The classic oeuf à la mayonnaise hits a chord "avec sa mousse de jaune légère, fondante, évoque quant à lui mille souvenirs d'enfance, du temps où ce petit plat tout simple était si à la mode." The only criticism is more of a warning that the fern shoot aioli that comes with the Cornish hen is very garlicky. Desserts also seem to please, with a tarte au citron and chocolate rhubarb pudding.

Lortie ends her article by saying she'll not only go back to Les Fillettes again, she actually already has.

Les Fillettes

1226 Avenue Van Horne, Outremont, QC H2V 1K3 (514) 271-7502 Visit Website