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180g Gives Mile-Ex Montreal Coffee, Sandwiches, and Vinyl

A different kind of café drops the needle.

Allongés and LPs
Allongés and LPs

Principals Charles-Étienne Brassard and visual artist Christophe Bundock De Muri recently gave Mile-Ex another café to consider (see menu below). This one just so happens to also sell new and used records. La Presse reports that 180g came about almost by serendipity. A pal of Bundock De Muri's had just taken possession of a large, industrial space and hinted that a coffee shop could work. And a vinyl emporium, apparently. Throw in nearby establishments like Dispatch, Manitoba, Le Mile-Ex, Bar Alexandraplatz, and Dépanneur Le Pick-Up, and the pocket-sized neighbourhood has quite the dynamic little scene. Go listen to some tunes and get your espresso on.

Status: 180g, 6546 Waverly, (514) 267-0212. Open every day of the week.