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Shocker as Landmark Montreal Restaurant Au Cinquième Péché Closes


Au Cinquieme Péché

Sad news on the Plateau restaurant front. Well-regarded by diners and critics alike, Au Cinquième Péché, the bistro from brothers Benjamin and Benoît Lenglet, has closed effective immediately. The brothers made the announcement on Facebook on Wednesday afternoon—scores of loyal customers have since been posted comments of support. Here it is, translated:

Dear customers and friends,

It's with immense sadness that we announce the definitive closure of 5e Péché. Despite our best efforts, a decline in attendance of over 50% in recent months has done us in.

We want to thank you sincerely for these 10 years of happiness, good food, and fine wines. A huge thank you also to our dream team, who participated in our success over the last decade.

The Lenglet Brothers.

Au Cinquième Péché made waves outside of Montreal over the years for its use of seal meat. The restaurant was once featured in The New York Times because of it. But the restaurant, at its core, was a dependable neighbourhood fixture, with, admittedly, some dashes of daring. In a 2011 Montreal Gazette review, Lesley Chesterman wrote: "From the outside, Au Cinquième Péché may look like just another Montreal bistro. But dig a little deeper and you’ll see this place has moxie. There’s a sense of adventure with this food that you don’t get in many other mid-priced restaurants of this size. The quality of the service, wine selection and especially the main courses, point to a restaurant at a higher price point with swisher surroundings. Though there’s no denying their little seal phase may have been an odd choice, for us, dinner at Au Cinquième Péché is a smart one."

Au Cinquième Péché

4475 rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, Quebec H2J 2L2 (514) 286-0123 Visit Website