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Fast Food Chain Fights Montreal Suburb's Junk Food Ban

Brouhaha in Brossard.

A Montreal Pizza Pizza outlet
A Montreal Pizza Pizza outlet
Pizza Pizza

The Montreal suburb of Brossard recently passed legislation to limit where new fast food restaurants can open. Proximity to schools, for one, is now a no-no in the South Shore district. One chain has promptly filed a lawsuit to fight the bylaw.

Pizza Pizza, the Toronto-based, franchised pizza brand, alleges that Brossard's refusal to let it open a restaurant across from a high school is illegitimate, since the request was made, and the lease apparently signed, before the adoption of the new regulation. The prospective new restaurant's space was formerly occupied by a Subway. In a statement to La Presse, a spokesperson for L'Association pour la santé publique du Québec condemned Pizza Pizza's lawsuit: "This lawsuit demonstrates bad faith and arrogance. Elected officials in Brossard should be welcomed as champions of sustainable health, and not be sued."