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Last Call for Legendary Montreal Dive Bar

Say goodbye to Korova with $3 drinks.

So long Korova
So long Korova
Owain Harris Photography

Korova bar's swansong could get a little sloppy. The reputed Main dive will call it quits tonight with $3 drinks and beats by DJ Jonny Jungle and DJ FutureShark. Bonus: no cover. The bar's management took to Facebook this week to drop the sad announcement.

This Thursday come put Korova to bed for her final night ever!! Share a last drink with old friends you may have met there, catch-up with a one night stand you've been meaning to call, have a final waltz on the dance floor, one more kick at the old Foosball table, and hey, why not try the hockey game out for once!

This Thursday everything has GOT TO GO!!! All drinks are $3. That's right!! $3!!!!

Korova added: "Don't miss this last opportunity to get drunk and do things you'll forever regret, cause hey, planned parenthood is for suckers!!" Needless to say, expect a wicked turnout for the bar's blowout farewell. Doors open at 10 p.m.


3908 boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC H2W 1Y2 (514) 848-0343