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Say Hi to Nozy, a New Japanese Restaurant Now Open in Saint-Henri

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Chef-owner was last at Zenya.

Nozy's chef Nozomu Takeuchi
Nozy's chef Nozomu Takeuchi
Nozomu Takeuchi

Saint-Henri's Crossover Comics has decamped to larger digs next door, and made way for Nozy, a new Japanese restaurant now open for lunch, at 3568 Notre-Dame Ouest. Chef-owner Nozomu Takeuchi, a native of Hokkaido, was last seen at Zenya, and is a graduate of Tokyo's Tsuji School of Culinary Arts, where he specialized in French and Italian cuisine. Takeuchi has yet to divulge menu specifics at Nozy, but just got his alcohol permit, and tells Eater that his restaurant serves Teishoku-style food. Teishoku translates as "meal set", and can combine grilled, deep fried, broiled, or noodle dishes.

Japan's national tourism bureau offers more insight: "Providing meals as Teishoku is convenient for Japanese restaurants because it allows them to streamline their menus, lowering overhead. This results in drastically lower prices, which in turn make restaurants that provide Teishoku a filling and economic favorite of students and working professionals on a budget." Sounds like a good fit for the neighbourhood.

Status: Nozy, 3568 Notre-Dame Ouest, corner Rose-de-Lima, (514) 386-9797, now open for lunch, Tuesday to Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.