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Pub BreWskey Wants to Slake Old Montreal's Thirst

With beer, Scotch, and more.

Pub BreWskey

A relatively new bar, backed by three pals and industry vets, and with explicit focus on microbrews and Scotch whisky, has come to Old Montreal. Pub BreWskey also doubles as a restaurant—look for comfort fare like burgers, poutine, nachos, salmon tartare, sausages, and chicken and waffles (a common denominator ingredient is alcohol, apparently). Bonus: the bar's kitchen is open until 3 a.m., and there's a terrasse. The early buzz on BreWskey has hinged on the vast beer card, but the bar also serves cocktails, ciders, wines, and other drinks.

Status: Pub BreWskey, 380 Saint-Paul Est, open Tuesday to Sunday, (514) 507-2739.

Pub BreWskey

380 Rue Saint Paul Est, Ville-Marie, QC H2Y 1H3 (514) 507-2739 Visit Website